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Retail & POS Solutions

Retail POS Solutions

  • Quality keyboards, keypads and accessories for a wide variety of retail/POS  applications
  • Authorized distributor for all Cherry keyboards and keyboard products
  • Genovation keypads – both programmable and non-programmable
  • Touchpad keyboards, mini-keyboards and track ball keyboards
  • Bar-code readers and smart card readers
  • Washable keyboards, mice and keyboard covers
  • One-on-one customer service with extensive experience in finding the exact solution for each retail/POS problem
  • All products can be customized for your specific needs

 DataCal has worked with hundreds of retailers to provide the keyboard solution that works for their company. As an authorized Cherry keyboard distributor, our customer service representatives are experts at the entire Cherry line. We also can customize Cherry keyboards, as well as most of our other keyboard products. Our experience with Genovation keypads and other retail specific products insure a professional, timely process. With one experienced representative working with you from concept to completion, you can be assured the perfect solution for your retail needs.

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