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Medical & Industrial Solutions

Medical and Industrial Solutions

  • Waterproof, contaminant proof computer keyboards and mice for medical and industrial applications or anywhere cleanliness and reliability are needed
  • IP-68 compliant fully sealed silicone based keyboards and mice in a wide variety of sizes and price ranges
  • Keyboards and mice can be dipped in water or disinfected with most solvents quickly and easily
  • Ergonomic, thin design with full tactile feed-back, like a conventional keyboard
  • Waterproof keyboard covers designed to fit your specific keyboard
  • Universal covers for multiple keyboard styles
  • Screen covers in a wide variety of sizes
  • DataCal provides specialized keyboard solutions for hospitals, industrial applications and businesses where cleanliness and reliability are necessary. Our silicone sealed keyboards are easy to clean and disinfect while providing conventional keyboard performance for high speed data-entry. IP-68 compliant, these keyboards and mice are also rugged and reliable, perfect for a wide variety of environmental conditions. Our latex free, polyurethane keyboard and screen covers provide an economical alternative for keyboard and monitor protection and cleanliness. Keyboard covers are available in hundreds of sizes and styles designed to fit your specific keyboard, thus insuring excellent tactile performance. They can be cleaned with water or disinfectant with or without removal from the keyboard.
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