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Visual Assistive Solutions

Visual Assistive Solutions

  • High quality large print keyboards, ideal for visual assistance and for children
  • Large key keyboards combine large print and larger keys
  • Keyboard labels in large print and in Braille adhere completely to top of keys and are made of durable Lexan® polycarbonate for years of use
  • Keyboards and labels can be customized for your specific needs

DataCal carries several large print keyboards with standard key sizes and large key keyboards with large print.  We custom design the large print keys with KeyTronic keyboards, thus producing a very high quality product. The VisionBoard 2 keyboard is ideal for either visual assistance or for children.  With one square inch keys and highly visible black-on-white or black-on yellow lettering, this keyboard is also ideal for those with small motor limitations. Our keyboard labels are available in both large print or in braille in a variety of colors and styles. They are easy to apply, adhere completely to the top of the keys and are made of durable Lexan® polycarbonate for years of use. We can customize any of these keyboards or labels for your specific needs.


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